Responding to RFPs During the Shutdown & Other Government Contractor Shutdown News

How to Respond to RFPs During the Shutdown

While affected agencies are unlikely to publish new RFPs during the shutdown, government contractors who want to compete for existing opportunities are advised to continue submitting their proposals and questions based on the previously listed schedules. Contracting officers may not be present to receive your submissions, but unless you’ve been informed otherwise, it’s a good idea to stick to the deadlines. Alan Cvotkin of the Professional Services Council advises that proposals or questions submitted via email or web portal will be automatically time stamped, but recommends contractors document their in-person submissions with photos and time stamps. For more recommendations for submitting a proposal during the shutdown, click here.

Impacts of the Government Shutdown on Defense Contractors

The Pentagon is fully funded through the federal fiscal year, so the agency and its contractors have not been affected by the partial shutdown that began on December 22nd. However, some contractors report that the shutdown has caused difficulty with export licenses and other administrative issues. There is also some speculation that an on-going shutdown could have a bigger impact, especially for smaller contracting firms that may not have the funds to ride out a longer shutdown. Click here to read more on this topic.


It May Take Time for Contractors to Recover from the Shutdown

While some government contractors have been faced with stop-work orders and others face concerns that funding will expire before the shutdown is resolved, the wider impact may be the inability of affected agencies to solicit or award new contracts or to perform administrative functions for existing contracts. The Aerospace Industries Association recently stated that the longer the shutdown goes on, the more expensive it will be to fix. Read more about additional financial impacts for government contractors here.


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