Intellectual Property Protection & Defense

Your intellectual property needs to be protected from day one, regardless of whether it is an invention, book, building, or symbol. Registering a patent, copyright, or trademark as soon as possible can mean the difference in ensuring legal protection against infringing products. Our intellectual property law team can help protect your creative works.

Patents protect inventions (products or processes) by preventing others from making, using, selling, offering to sell, or even importing infringing products.

  • Requirements: The invention must be new, useful, and nonobvious to qualify for protection.
  • Length of protection: Patents typically last for 20 years from the date of registration.
  • Examples: The Fender guitar, Disney’s Mickey Mouse, and the Apple iPhone’s operating system.

Copyright protects original works by preventing others from using, selling, and distributing the work.

  • Requirements: The work must be original. Derivative works can also qualify, but must have the permission of the original creator and only protect the new original elements.
  • Length of protection: Copyright protection typically lasts during the life of the creator and an additional 70 years.
  • Examples: The movie “The Godfather,” the book “The Hobbit,” the song “Let it Be” by The Beatles, and even the choreography in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video.

Trademarks protect signs, designs, symbols, and expressions by preventing others from using the mark.

  • Requirements: Trademarks must either be currently used in commerce or intended to be used in commerce.
  • Length of protection: Trademark protection is available as long as the mark is used in commerce and can last indefinitely.
  • Examples: “Microsoft,” “Godzilla,” Chevrolet’s bow-tie emblem, and Adidas’ three-stripe design.

Intellectual Property Services Offered by Randolph Law:

  • IP Counseling (copyrights, patents, and trademarks)
  • IP Registration (copyrights, patents, and trademarks)
  • IP Litigation (copyrights, patents, and trademarks)
  • Product Design Protection
  • Trademark Due Diligence
  • Licensing and Technology Transfers
  • Responses to demand letters
  • Domain name registration and administrative proceedings
  • Franchising
  • Commercial agreements relating to IP and franchising
  • And many more…

Contact Randolph Law today for assistance in all matters of intellectual property law. Our team of lawyers is prepared to help you protect and defend your intellectual property.