Government Contractor News for February 21, 2018

Contractors Face Significant Security Threats

CyberSecurity firm BitSight reported recently that government contracting firms face significant security threats that could put the nation’s security at risk. 5.6% of aerospace and defense contractors surveyed and 4.3% of technology contractors reported at least one breach since 2016. Healthcare contractors suffered the most, with 8% reporting issues since 2016. The survey raised other concerns as well, including the fact that many contractors depend on the same set of Cloud service providers and an outage among those providers could severely impact most, if not all, federal agencies. Click here to read more about the survey and how contractors can protect themselves from these dangers. 


VA Bid Protest Sustained Due to Ambiguities in the Solicitation

We talk a lot about bid protests and also avoiding costly ambiguities when working with an RFP. Recently, the GAO ruled in favor of a contractor who questioned the solicitation for office furniture being labeled as a SDVOSB set-aside after the contracting officer eliminated the required subcontracting-related VAAR 852.219-10 from the solicitation. Read all the details of the case here


Stability and Opportunity for Contractors in the 2019 Budget

Trey Hodgkins, Senior VP for the Public Sector at the Information Technology Alliance for Public Sector, says contractors have reason to feel positive about the President’s 2019 budget. Listen here to see why Hodgkins says the 2019 budget will bring stability and opportunity for federal contractors. 


Whether you need help evaluating the potential of a bid protest or want to increase your opportunities as a contractor by getting on the GSA Schedule, Randolph Law can help. Contact us today to take advantage of our experience in the federal contracting industry.