Government Contracting Law News for October 2018

Pentagon Pilot Program Aims to Secure Supply Chain

A top defense contractor reports that the Pentagon has implemented a pilot program to identify the origins of parts that end up being used in military weapons and equipment. Increasing transparency comes amid concerns that parts are currently susceptible to hacking by foreign agents. Read more about the pilot program here.

Detailed Army Acquisitions Regulations Lead to Extended Bid Protests

Even when purchasing mundane items like computers, tablets, and printers, the Army’s extensive acquisition process can lead to bid protests from federal contractors. Click here to listen to Tom Temin of Federal News Radio examine the detailed regulations and how they create bid protest risks for government contractors.

The Growing Market for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Leading firms speculate that the market for devices that can be categorized as part of the Internet of Things is growing at an incredible rate, with 20 billion connected devices anticipated at a global level by 2021. However, less information is available about how IoT products can be sold to the federal government. Click here to read Tim Larkins’ commentary on selling the Internet of Things to the public sector.


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